Strike number three.

Today’s item: My YouTube channel. So far, I’ve only uploaded videos of me solving Slither Link puzzles very very fast.

Tools used: Slither Link puzzles from, plus CamStudio as my recording software. And YouTube, of course.

Time taken: I’ve solved at least one puzzle per day on for roughly the last eight years. In comparison to that, the time needed to record and upload the videos is negligible.

Comment: Recording videos is an interesting experience – more time-consuming than I initially expected, but a valuable experience nonetheless.

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My two cents.

Today’s item: This image / wallpaper. (Click for the full image.)


Makeshift title: The Summoning.

Tools used: Silk – Interactive Generative Art for the drawing. Also,  A list of phrases about numbers for inspiration regarding the titles.

Comment: Silk is a brilliant website. I have no experience with art whatsoever beyond school classes, but even I know that symmetry is associated with beauty. Silk provides multiple symmetry options, with the curious result that pretty much *anything* I draw in there looks intriguing to me. In this case, I was very lucky to end up with something looking vaguely humanoid.

PS: Here you can see how I made this with Silk.

First time’s a charm.

Today’s item: this website, a wordpress blog.

Tools used:, The Twenty Twelve Theme, Google.

Time needed: 10 min today, but I had already found a webhosting service and theme I liked, and that was the most time-consuming part.

Comment: There’s obviously nigh-infinite room to improve this site, but I’d rather start posting on a barely functional site than lose motivation on this project while tinkering with the site.